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Diversity is essential to the progress, growth, and prosperity of Medicine and its micro cosmoses. The Stanford Radiology Diversity Initiative aims to democratize Medicine by assembling and maintaining a critical mass of diverse faculty with far-reaching backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Diversity is critical for our ability to serve patients in a multi-cultural environment, to provide inspiring role models for our trainees, to unfold discoveries at the interface of different disciplines, to address challenges in our health care system and to cure humanity – one patient at a time.

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To foster inclusion of minority members and to increase empathy and understanding for every member in our community, we initiated a monthly newsletter, where staff, trainees and faculty share their thoughts and experiences on specific topics of interest. The new generation does not want to hear from “the Department” or “the University”. The new generation wants to hear from all people that make up the Department and University. Our newsletter is designed to foster local and global connections.

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