Radiology Diversity & Inclusion Initiative


Amgen Scholars Program

The SSRP-Amgen Scholars Program is a fully-funded research-intensive residential program that takes place on Stanford’s beautiful campus for a nine-week period. Participants are matched with a member of Stanford’s distinguished faculty and work in one of our state-of-the-art research facilities. Each participant works with both a faculty member and a lab mentor to craft a research project. The lab environment provides challenging projects and involves a broad range of research techniques that are feasible within the nine-week period. The program culminates with a research symposium, where students present individual talks and posters on their summer projects in front of their peers, faculty, lab mentors, University administrators, and general public.

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Canary CREST Program

The Canary Center at Stanford is a world-class research center dedicated to early cancer detection. To train the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists, we offer a unique summer research training opportunity for undergraduate students, namely, the Canary Cancer Research Education Summer Training (CREST) Program. Funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the program offers a 10-week research experience in one of our state-of-the art labs. Each participant will be matched with a Faculty mentor who will help them craft a research project. Senior scientists and postdoctoral fellows will assist the Faculty in supervising and mentoring the students in the lab. The successful applicant can expect to work in a dynamic lab environment on challenging projects that involve a broad range of research techniques. Additionally, students will learn about the field of cancer early detection (from in vitro diagnostics to in vivo molecular imaging) through specially-designed short classroom sessions, as well as participate in professional development and career seminars. The program culminates with a Symposium, where students present individual posters on their research projects in front of their peers, faculty and lab mentors, and other Stanford scientists.

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Stanford Postdoctoral Recruitment Initiative in Sciences and Medicine (PRISM)

We invite all graduate students, and especially those from backgrounds underrepresented in academia, to apply for the Stanford Postdoctoral Recruitment Initiative in Sciences and Medicine (PRISM) postdoc interview opportunity. Underrepresented groups include, but are not limited to: African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, those with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those underrepresented on the basis of gender identity or expression or sexual orientation. Stanford PRISM invites students to explore our training environment and to consider whether advanced training at Stanford would support their career goals.

Postdoctoral training is a critical period for establishing research independence. At Stanford, postdocs work alongside top scientists and at the same time develop their professional skills, explore career options, and prepare for independent careers. Stanford has one of the largest postdoc populations in the country and a strong commitment to making the postdoc experience the best it can possibly be.

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RSL Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program

The Radiological Sciences Lab (RSL) at Stanford welcomes undergrads from across the country to our 10-week summer internship program. Students are paired with mentors whose research spans many medical imaging technologies, including MRI, CT, x-ray, ultrasound, PET, and more. In addition to their own research project and mentors, students are provided a weekly schedule of introductory lectures, lunches with faculty, and skill-building workshops providing insight into medical imaging technologies and graduate studies. The sessions culminate with each student presenting a 5-minute “power pitch” of their project as well as a poster at the end-of-term poster / lunch celebration attended by all of RSL. In addition to Stanford students, we are pleased to welcome highly qualified and diverse students from around the country.

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Stanford Clinical Opportunity for Residency Experience (SCORE)

SCORE brings fourth-year medical students from diverse backgrounds to Stanford for a four-week residential clinical training program: $2,000 stipend and free housing

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Canary Center SMASH Rising Program

To create greater diversity in science, the Canary Center at Stanford has started a new collaboration with SMASH, the signature STEM education initiative of the Kapor Center’s Education focus area.

The SMASH Rising Program at the Canary Center is a 7-week research internship program for students from underrepresented communities entering their first or second year of college. Students work on a scientific research project under mentorship of a professor and various researchers at the Canary Center. They also participate in professional development activities to gain essential workplace skills and build their network.

With this initiative, we aim to empower brilliant underrepresented students by exposing them to cutting-edge cancer research and technology development, training them in hypothesis testing and experimental design, building their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and giving them access to resources and social capital that allow them to pave a successful career path in the sciences.

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