Jess Klockow, PhD

Jess earned her doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Missouri and is now a postdoc in the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS). She develops activatable and multimodal probes for cancer imaging and hopes these molecular tools can be translated into the clinic to facilitate patient cancer diagnoses, monitor therapy responses, and interrogate disease mechanisms. Jess is interested in fostering a diverse and welcoming environment for the trainees in Radiology.

Aisling Chaney, PhD

Aisling is a postdoctoral fellow in the Molecular imaging program Stanford (MIPS).  She received her BA. Mod. in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin. She then located to the UK where she obtained a MRes in experimental physiology, drug discovery and Bio-imaging from Imperial College London, and a PhD in neuroscience and neuroimaging from the University of Manchester. Aisling’s research focuses on developing and evaluating non-invasive molecular imaging agents to elucidate the inflammatory component of devastating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and multiple sclerosis, with the ultimate aim of improving understanding, diagnosis and treatment. Aisling is extremely passionate about supporting equity, inclusion and diversity in academia. She is especially interested in advocating for and mentoring underrepresented trainees and creating a sense of unity and support within the research community.

Moustafa GabrMoustafa Gabr, PhD

Moustafa is a postdoctoral scholar in the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS). He received BSc in pharmaceutical sciences and MSc in medicinal chemistry and drug design from Mansoura University, Egypt. He earned his PhD degree in chemistry from University of Iowa where he focused on developing luminescent metal complexes as biosensors. Currently, Moustafa is interested in developing imaging probes for novel immune checkpoints that will likely impact the success of immunotherapy in cancer patients. He hopes to help in ensuring equity and diversity in the academic community.

Kate Young, M. Ed.

Kate is a Research Coordinator in the Department of Radiology, located at Stanford’s Lucas Imaging Center. She received her Bachelors from University of Wisconsin in Madison and her Masters of Education at Loyola University in Chicago. Her formal education and past experience is as a School Psychologist in the Madison area, until starting working in research in Neuropsychology at the UW in 2008. She is currently working in research in Radiology here at Stanford coordinating mostly knee MRI/osteoarthritis studies. Kate hopes to be a positive and progressive influence in diversity here at Stanford, whether it be in Radiology or other departments. She believes strongly in an inclusive, accepting, and supportive environment for all – whether it be at Stanford or in the community at large!

Brett Fite, PhD

Brett received a BSc in both physics and chemistry (2003). His initial research focus was in time resolved fluorescence imaging and ultrasound to characterize bio-engineered cartilage. Later, he extended his research to MRI, using high field MRI to detect early metastatic brain lesions. He obtained his PhD in biophysics (2013) after showing that small molecule gadolinium chelates can be delivered to tumors for several hours following MRgFUS ablation and continued work in Professor Katherine Ferrara’s laboratory as a postdoctoral scholar combining immunotherapy with ablation. He is currently an Instructor in Radiology working to improve treatment of solid tumors through MR imaging, focal ablation, and immunotherapy. He joined the Radiology diversity committee in 2019 and is interested in promoting the recruitment and retention of diverse trainees.

Valentina Mazzoli, PhD

Valentina is postdoctoral fellow in the Radiological Sciences Laboratory (RSL). After completing her BSc in Physics at the University of Bologna (Italy), she relocated to the Netherlands, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics. Valentina obtained her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), working on advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques to study the human musculoskeletal system. Her current research focuses on the development and testing of MRI-based approaches to study the functional aspects of the healthy lower extremities and understand what goes wrong in disease. Valentina’s ultimate goal is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disease such as osteoarthritis. Valentina is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for all the trainees in Radiology. She is especially interested in mentoring trainees from underrepresented backgrounds, and to ultimately promote an environment where everyone can flourish and contribute to the Radiology community.

Former Committee Members:

  • Audrey Fan
  • Benedict Anchang
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  • Melika Rezaee
  • Hugo Decker
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  • Sara Shams
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