Our Story

Diverse Minds
Inspires Innovation

Have you ever heard music so beautiful that you just can’t help to be inspired? Each note flowing into your ears, slowly expanding in your heart, tickling the small hairs across your skin, amplifying your senses until you feel moved by something greater than yourself. Something momentous yet tangible but altogether enigmatic, a seeming whirlwind of love and happiness, inspiration and magic.  Feeling in that moment that possibilities are endless and your creativity is boundless all because you heard notes play. 

At Stanford Radiology, we want to inspire similar feelings. Through creating symphonies of medical innovation, we hope to infuse current and future generations with the belief that possibilities are endless and that their creativity can know no bounds. However, to do so we realize that we need a diverse orchestra to create a distinct melody – not a single trumpet, not a single violin, and not 10 violins but a diversity of instruments all playing together to inspire and create magic.

Diversity is essential to the progress, growth, and prosperity of Medicine and its microcosmoses. The Stanford Radiology Diversity Initiative aims to democratize Medicine by assembling and maintaining a critical mass of diverse faculty with far-reaching backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Diversity is critical for our ability to serve patients in a multi-cultural environment, to provide inspiring role models for our trainees, to unfold discoveries at the interface of different disciplines, to address challenges in our health care system and to cure humanity – one patient at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold: 

  1. Improve diversity in the Department of Radiology.

  2. Foster a culture of growth and equal opportunities for everyone.

  3. Prove that diversity makes a difference.

Through our diversity initiative, we are leveraging our combined potential and taking outstanding medical care, world-class education and groundbreaking scientific advances to the next level. We aim to create a circle of growth for every player and the whole ensemble: Developing the players will lead to a better ensemble and developing the ensemble will improve the performance of the players. To accomplish this, we are fostering diversity of thought, experiences, and perspectives. Inspiring each other to unleash our collective creativity, creating a culture of growth, fulfillment, and prosperity that far exceeds what we could have achieved individually.

Our Goals

  • Foster stronger well-being among faculty, trainees and staff. 

  • Democratize outdated concepts of fiefdoms in medicine.

  • Enable everyone to contribute to solving problems and helping others.

We believe in a culture where everyone is valued, where “they” become “us”, and where we can unleash that magical collective force that will create a better future for all of us.